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Sex toys : you can play

Finished the erotic toys sold by mail order or in sex shops. Today, sex toys invading drug stores and the rays lingerie department stores.

The magic brush

Blush me dildo

True blush brush, the neck has the advantage of being vibrant. Use on the entire body to create chills and massage intimate for more sensations.
19,90 €

for Sale on

The red fun

The red pleasure

It looks very much like a tube of lipstick that you slip into your bag discreetly. It is enough to simply rotate its base to trigger vibrations that stimulate the clitoris. Becoming a classic…
23,69 €

for sale on

sensual Massage

Perfect in the preamble, this gel, rich in vitamin E, is applied all over the body for a moment of relaxation. If the hug is rogue, it is, unlike oils or petroleum jelly that make porous the latex, perfectly compatible with all condoms.
8 euros
Sales in pharmacies and in supermarkets


The uninitiated will never guess… What presents itself as an accessory to a video game is specially designed to stimulate the clitoris and the lips.
65 euro
Sale on the website of Durex and at Parashop

A ring for him

Built-in to a condom, or presented alone, this ring slips on the penis of your partner. The built-in battery guarantee 20 minutes of vibration. A single-use.

6 euro
Sale on the website of Durex and at Parashop

Baby Bugs

Baby Bugs

small but with all the advantages of the major : it mass and excites the erogenous zones, by simple apposition or penetration. 35,90 €

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